Benefits Of Using Doormats In Your Home


Most homes have doormats that are in front of their house. You will often see them right at the entrance. They are used for the very practical reason of having people wipe their feet before they gain entry into the residence. They may also be found at the back of the home, usually the back door or the exit that takes people out onto the patio. Here are the primary reasons or benefits associated with using doormats at your household.


Preserve Your CarpetHardwood-Floor-Mats

One thing that you will know about carpets is that they can break down at the base level. Where they are connected to the base of the carpet, the particulate matter can cause the carpet fibres to shred. They can become dislodged, and when this occurs, you may start to see areas of your carpet that begin to fall out. This can be prevented by using doormats at all entrances to your home so as to prevent as much foreign debris from getting into the carpet.



Prevent Permanent Stains

Another benefit to using doormats is that not only will it remove dirt, but it could also help remove materials that could permanently stain your carpet. (handy guide for removing stains in mats) If someone is working on a vehicle outside, and they have stepped into oil, it is possible that this can get onto the carpet. If this is done enough times, the stain can become permanent, and that’s why wiping your feet on a doormat before gaining entry is so important.


Prevents Odors

One large problem that people tend to have if they have pets is that their animals, usually dogs, will use the front and back lawn to go to the bathroom. If you accidentally step in a pile of feces from your pet, you can track this in onto your carpet. This can be prevented by not only checking your shoes before you go in but wiping your feet before coming inside. Although this will not remove all of the particulate matter, it can help prevent a substantial problem which could later lead to a very foul smell in your home.


These are a few ideas that you should consider when you are debating on whether or not to have doormats in front of your doors. It is something that most people do, but if you haven’t done it before, you should certainly consider getting this done. It is so important to keep your carpet as clean as possible, so through regular wet vacuuming, you can also help extend its life. However, there is nothing quite like a doormat for helping to prevent problems with your carpet, as long as it is used by everyone that comes inside.




Ideas On How to Pick a Funny Doormat for Your Home

When it comes to your house, a doormat is a useful thing to have. By giving guests and residents the opportunity to clean the bottoms of their shoes before entry, you can reduce the amount of cleaning that is necessary for you to tend to. However, you might not want to have a plain mat sitting outside of your front door. After all, isn’t adding some humour to your entry a great way to greet folks?

If you are going to pick out a funny doormat, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For instance, what type of humour do the folks have who regularly visit your place? What about you and your household? What will put a smile on folks faces rather than making them grimace? After all, if you are going for humour, you don’t want to pick something that is off-color and will make people uncomfortable.

You will also want to think about the aesthetic value of your doormat. If your outdoors is in entirely neutral colours, you would not want to pick a doormat that was electric green and pink, no matter how hilarious it might be. It would clash with the home and detract from the humour that you are attempting to add to the situation. If you are searching with a particular theme in mind and the results keep coming up short, go for a personalised doormat design. There are a number of online retailers who will easily print the message and image you want, all usually within 1 working day. These mats are an absolute favourite to give as a birthday present or special occasion gift.

You can peruse a wide selection of funny doormats to find the perfect one for your home. If there are other folks who live in the house too, make sure that you ask their opinions on the doormats you are thinking about purchasing. Even kids like to pipe in their opinions about things, and this gives you a great chance to let them help with the decor of your home. Have a great time with the new mat!

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